A “Shift Consciousness” Dream

2 Sep

I had this dream on 7/5/12.  I’ve been busy.  What else is new.

I recently had to temporaryly move in with family due to the economy.  This will be a short stay as I move on to my next adventure.  But in the midst of it, I get impatient and want the shift to my next adventure to happen more quickly.

So during the day, I was talking to a friend about this, and jokingly said, “shift, shift, shift.”  Putting out that I’m ready to shift my consciouness to open to the next experience.  Then before bed I did some positive affirmations as a follow up.

I ended up having one of my incredible, surreal dreams.  Very inspiring.

I will try to condense it as it was a long dream.  I started out moving my energy from outside a large estate to inside a guest house on the property.  I very clearly saw a space that seemed to be my new living space but I still felt like I was energitically moving into someone else’s place.  I do this a lot.

I check out different spaces in my dreams and always get this feeling like I might be invading their space but am conscious not to.

I was in the air looking around at it.  It was a wonderfully designed place with different levels for the living room and the kitchen.  An open feel and very spacious.  The down side was that is was design in brown tones.  Don’t like those.  It was a feeling like someone was leaving this space–these were his colors–now it will be mine and I can change the colors to my desire.

I do become lucid.  I’m aware that I’m in a dream.  Being conscious in the dream, I say, “shift, shift, shift.”  My playful conversation with my friend showed up in my dream!  I say my affirmation 3 times then in the dream.

I am then in a type of bubble that is flying above the earth.  There is a partial coating around the bubble allowing  me only partial vision.  I want to break off the covered sections to have full clarity but am afraid the bubble will not yet sustain itself but I can see down below to what looks like the San Ynez Valley.

Next thing I know I am back down in the brown guesthouse.  People start to show up for a party.  This party is being given for me.  Someone shows me a book that was just published and it’s my book!  This is a publication party.

I see the book clearly.  It’s a book about dreams and creativity and has my artwork in it. ( I actually have this book started)  It is a very large book like a book of paintings and has a closeup of one of my paintings.  One I haven’t painted yet.

In my dream I say my book is about interior spaces but each painting also has a story to it.  The paintings are a story of some aspect of my life that connects with the painting and within each painting are animals and symbols of meaningful occurances in my life.  I get all excited because the idea and imagery are so clear in the dream.  It was a complete “Aha” experience.


dreamzscape blog

24 Jun

This blog is devoted to nighttime dream life, creativity, and connecting deeper with others.  My focus is on dream interpretation created by Dr. Gayle Delaney, but I also delve into the intuitive, predictive, ethereal and lucid side to dreams.  I love to hold onto my dreams and stay in a deep, connected space that dreams give me.

I also love to use dreams for creative inspiration.

I have taught a Dream & Creative Workshop at University of Redlands for 13 years and now hope to continue with that passion through the internet.

My website is dreamscape.com.  My dream art can be seen at roropublishing.com under artist and my name.

This is my first start at this and I hopefully will improve as I progress with it.  I’m open to any suggestions.

Debbie Johnstone

MA Counseling

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